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10 Reasons To Visit Perth Zoo

Perth is an iconic destination for travellers all over the world for various reasons. Australia itself boasts of some of the most exotic wildlife and natural wonders of the world. Regardless of your taste, age, or budget, the country offers a unique travel experience you can’t compare to any other country.

Perth zoo is one of Australia’s majestic destinations. As one of the most visited places in the country, the zoo is characterized by its marvellous display of wildlife from all over the world, lush gardens, and natural beauties. The varieties of animals include Australia, Africa, South America, Asia, and more.

Understandably, if you love animals, a zoo is where you want to visit. But that is the fascinating thing about Perth Zoo – it offers more than animal sightings. The conditions and ambience of the zoo are perfect, and the site itself is huge.

You need at least half a day to explore its massive fauna and flora collections. It also hosts interesting exhibitions and events, animal feeding presentations, and programs that will bring you closer to wild animals.

Perth Zoo

A Brief History of Perth Zoo

The Perth Zoo sits on a 41-acre park in South Perth, Western Australia. It first opened in 1898, and by 2011 is home to more than 164 species from 1258 animals and an extensive botanical collection. Check more about Perth Zoo here:

The purpose of the zoo was to introduce European animals to the country for conservatism, and it recorded more than 53,000 visitors in its first nine months of operation. Since then, the zoo has not closed for a single day since it was opened, apart from the temporary closure during the pandemic.

Perth Zoo has three main zones – African savannah, Asian rainforest, and Australian Walkabout.

  • The African savannah is the largest construction project in the zoo to date. It replaces barred cages and recreates the African Savannah. Visitors can view the animals from a path that simulates a dry riverbed that runs through the savannah.
  • Asian Rainforest: The Asian rainforest houses different threatened Asian species like Sumatran Tigers, red pandas, etc. The zoo’s Orangutan breeding program is the most successful in the world.
  • Australian Walkabout: The Walkabout includes Penguin Plunge, Australian Wetlands and Bushwalks, Nocturnal House, and aviaries. Visitors will journey through the landscape where they can view the animals. However, some detours take visitors through circular viewing layouts.


  • Mondays to Sundays 9 am to 5 pm.

Entry fees

  • Adults: $29
  • Children (4-15) $14
  • Concession: $22
  • Students: $22
  • Seniors: $22
  • Mini group of four: 75.20

10 Reasons to Visit Perth Zoo

Numbats at Perth Zoo

  1. The animals durr 

The most obvious reason to visit Perth Zoo is the animals. A visit provides the opportunities to see and meet animals that kids and adults can’t interact with without flying to the other side of the world. There are primates, native and exotic species in large numbers that will keep you entertained all day.

  1. Education in Research and breeding programs 

Perth Zoo is a good place to be for students, especially if you are interested in animal conservation and breeding. The zoo participates in various breeding programs for endangered non-native and indigenous species. Some species are bred to increase genetic diversification, while others are released into a managed habitat.

The zoo’s award-winning research program is an exciting place to start from if you are interested in studying genetic diversification in zoo populations. Its programs include white rhinoceros, orangutans, Sumatran Tigers, etc.

  1. You can enjoy membership benefits  

You can become a member by activating a membership at the zoo. As a zoo friend, you get 10% off any purchase made in the Zoonique, zoo’s cafeteria, and Wild Bites Café. You will also get free entry into some other best zoos around Australia. More importantly, you will get priority entry through peak periods and access to exclusive member events.

  1. Free for children under 4 years 

Now, how cool is that? You don’t need to pay for children that are not up to four years old. There is no restriction on the number of your kids you can bring in without paying, as long as they are not up to four years. If anything, you only need to worry about buying them ice creams. Plus, if you forgot your stroller, you can hire pull-along cars with seats for two children at the zoo’s entrance.

  1. You can bring in your food 

Patrons can bring their drinks and food into the Zoo for picnics – a deal most zoos don’t offer. Regardless, there are still bars, cafes, and food trucks in the zoo.

  1. Up-close animal sighting 

Children and adults can see their favourite animals with nothing more than a glass separating them. The zoo also provides lectures on their activities, habitats, and behaviour. The exhibit encourages animal behaviours, and it is naturalistic. Visitors can interact with animals on their terms.

  1. A to Zoo for kids 

A to Zoo is a 45-minutes factual, fun, and fast-paced eight-week term of activity about animals for preschoolers. The zoo will introduce participants to different animals using movements, crafts, music, and storytelling. After learning about the animals, the kids will journey through the zoo to find them. If you have preschools, you can enrol them in the program.

Perth Zoo

  1. Upgraded playgrounds 

Every visit to the zoo is an opportunity to see something new. The zoo hosts various activities for children and adults, and there are facilities to keep visitors engaged.

  1. Numerous events for kids and adults 

The zoo hosts various events and activities for kids and adults. It includes Christmas, Halloween, New year parties, birthday and corporate events. The zoo’s event page provides all the details you need about all events.

  1. You can adopt an animal 

Yes, you can adopt an animal to create a lifetime connection with your favourite species. Although you won’t take the animal home with you, you will receive a personalized adoption certificate with a photo of your animal for you to display.


Perth zoo is a lovely place to visit with family and friends for fun. However, note that the climate is a mixture of mild winter with hot and dry summer. As a result, you will be better off visiting when the temperature is cooler, say between May and November. Nonetheless, no one will turn you back regardless of the time of visit.


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